Toyo Packaging has been serving the food industry for the past 25 years. We provide a wide range of custom designed laminate structures for the primary packaging of food products in solid, powder or liquid form in consumer packaging as well as bulk packaging.


Toyo Packaging has flexible packaging solutions for the Textiles Industry. We specialize in providing anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions to promote innovation and enhancement of design attributes. Our aim is to provide our clients with the latest trends in flexible packaging suitable for this industry.


Toyo Packaging provides flexible packaging and specialized boxes for the personal care industry. Our unique packaging solutions for this industry is best utilized to package personal care items to improve product protection as well as enhance design attributes.


Toyo Packaging provides labels for beverages that meet latest high-speed labelling machines’ requirements. The sleek finishing of these labels leaves no margin for error and improves the overall packaging attributes of the product.


Toyo Packaging specialises in high barrier structures for flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. We also specialise in anti-counterfeiting boxes for medicines. Our team is committed to provide flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


Toyo Packaging provides flexible packaging solutions that meet the specifications required for frozen products. We specialize in providing packaging material for ice creams and paratha bags.


Anti-counterfeiting Hologram boxes can provide enough protection to your products. Hologram boxes can aid the brand owner and consumer to recognize a counterfeited product. Anti-counterfeiting hologram boxes can give your brand an international look to boost brand image of your company.


It is a new innovation in the global market and trending in Pakistan as well. Selective metalized films with holography are used for a strong counterfeiting solution. Selective Metalised films can be used for overwrapping boxes, laminated films (confectionery, Pasta, etc.) and perform bags (Rice, Flour, etc.).