Working at Toyo Packaging, enables our employees to embrace best choices in the career of their aspiration. We have a set of well-defined Core values; Respect, Passion, Ownership, Innovation, Integrity & Excellence at the heart of our organizational culture. Embracing them in personal and professional life fosters everyone’s ability to be their best and giving them freedom to explore their potential through continuous opportunities.

Here we not only provide a promising career but a very rewarding and exciting lifestyle. That is why our employees do not only work but own the brand name. We nurture innovation, creativity, and productivity by providing a sweet & enriched blend of fun and togetherness.


Maham Kanwal - HR Head

I am delighted to be part of exceptional company culture and progressive management style at Toyo Packaging Limited. As the Head of HR, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible positive impact our organizational culture has had on our employees, including myself.

From day one, I was impressed by the emphasis our company places on fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in every aspect of our operations. Regardless of background, race, gender, or orientation, every employee is respected, valued, and provided with equal opportunities to thrive. This inclusivity has not only made our workplace vibrant and dynamic but has also broadened my own perspectives and enriched my professional journey.

One of the key pillars of our company culture is our progressive management style. Our leaders are not only visionary but also empathetic, approachable, and open-minded. They encourage innovation, collaboration, and ownership, allowing employees to unleash their full potential. This leadership approach has empowered me to take on new challenges, explore innovative ideas, and develop my skill set, propelling my career growth within the organization.

Moreover, our company’s commitment to employee well-being is commendable. We prioritize work-life balance, offer flexible work arrangements, and invest in employee development programs. This holistic approach has created a healthy and fulfilling work environment, enabling me to maintain a healthy work-life integration and achieve personal and professional goals simultaneously.

In addition to these remarkable aspects, our company has fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. Team building activities, mentorship programs, and cross-functional collaboration opportunities are actively encouraged. This inclusive and collaborative culture has not only enhanced my networking opportunities but has also allowed me to build strong relationships with colleagues across departments, enriching my overall experience at the company.

Zaffar Abbas - CFO

I have had the privilege of being part of Toyo Packaging, an exceptional organization that truly stands out as an employer of choice. Throughout my tenure, I have been thoroughly impressed by the company's unwavering commitment to its employees and its relentless pursuit of providing an outstanding work-life balance.

Toyo Packaging places great value on the strengths and talents of its workforce, fostering an environment that encourages decision-making at all levels. This empowering culture has not only allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the company’s success but has also provided me with ample opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the directors for their discernment in recognizing and acknowledging my contributions to the company and the wider group. Their recognition has been instrumental in providing me with a remarkable opportunity to utilize and enhance my skills as I transitioned from Macpac Films Limited, a group company, to Toyo Packaging. This demonstrates the company’s profound commitment to nurturing personnel growth by leveraging individual strengths and celebrating their valuable contributions.

It is with great enthusiasm that I reflect on my time at Toyo Packaging, an organization that sets an exemplary standard in prioritizing the well-being and growth of its employees. The company’s dedication to fostering an inclusive and empowering work environment solidifies its reputation as an employer of choice, and I am truly grateful for the invaluable experiences and opportunities it has provided me.

Shahab Haidar – Sr.Mgr
Marketing & HOD PD

"I've had the honor of participating in Toyo Packaging for more than 9 years, and it's been an incredible journey. Every day has been made enjoyable by the vibrant work environment, encouraging coworkers, and ongoing prospects for career growth. I hope to continue making a significant impact on the business for many more years.”

Abdul Sami Qureshi –
Factory Manager

I have been working at Toyo Packaging for a year now, and I am proud to be part of a great team. The company's commitment to quality is evident in everything they do, from their state-of-the-art printing and packaging technologies to their focus on customer satisfaction.

As a “Manager Maintenance and Projects” I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had to work on challenging projects and to best cooperation from my colleagues. I highly recommend Toyo Packaging to anyone looking for a company that values excellence and teamwork.”

Shaheer Ahmed - DM Production

I have been associated with Toyo Packaging for last 3 years and from the moment I joined Toyo Packaging, I was welcomed into a supportive and nurturing work environment. The company culture fosters inclusivity, teamwork, and personal growth, which has greatly contributed to my professional development.

Daniyal Rehman - Manager production

Overall, working at Toyo Packaging Pvt. Ltd has been a rewarding experience that has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. If you are looking for a company that values its employees and strives for excellence in every aspect, Toyo Packaging Pvt. Ltd is definitely worth considering."

In a nutshell, the exceptional company culture, progressive management style, and commitment to diversity and inclusion have significantly benefited my career. The positive organizational culture has propelled my professional growth, expanded my horizons, and provided me with an environment where I feel valued and supported. I am truly grateful for the opportunities and experiences this company has provided me, and I look forward to contributing to its continued success.

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Toyo Packaging limited is an equal opportunity employer and believes in Diversity and inclusion of all. We look forward to have high potential and skilled talent to work with us. We do not believe in any kind of discrimination or preference on any basis.

If you believe that you have the talent to excel in your professional career, we would love to have you become the part of extended Toyo family.


Emerging Talent Program (ETP)

The emerging talent program is designed to induct fresh talent from respective fields of study to attract and retain high potential talent. The philosophy is to developed talent by offering them an early insight into the world or professionalism though grooming them under seasoned professionals and experts of the fields. With the right mix of educational knowledge and practical exposure we at Toyo lay out the pipeline for future leadership roles, enhancing overall quality of workforce though competencies development.
Under ETP we offer Management Trainee and Apprenticeship programs for undergraduates/graduates of respective fields. A year long program is designed to enhance their functional and human skills for building their capabilities as an invaluable asset for the company.

Aspiring Talent Program (ATP)

The Aspiring talent program is an internship program designed to provide students enrolled in undergraduate / graduate programs in reputed institutions with real world professional experience in the field of their choice. The philosophy is to open up young minds to the real time work dynamics, grooming their skills of self- expression and communication and a perspective to make right career choices based on true potential. We look forward to gain strong brand ambassadorship for Toyo packaging form these energetic and dynamic potential aspiring professionals of future workforce.

Under ATP the company offers 4-8 weeks of well-structured internship program designed with real time projects in respective field under the guidance of experience professionals. The interns are expected to bring about latest academic knowledge and apply it through practical work while working alongside others on assigned task.

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