Quality LaB

Tensile Tester
We can perform seven different packaging related tests with this equipment.
COF Tester
Coefficient of Friction (COF) testing is used for a variety of materials. It is generally determined to be the ease by which two surfaces (often of different materials) slide against each other.
Heat sealer is Used for sealing of packaging films & bags.
Oven Machine
Used for seeing curing result after lamination as well smell test of printed films.
Color Matching Cabinet
Color matching cabinet, also called color viewing light box or color matching box, is a light booth for color matching. It can be easily felt in our daily lives that under different lighting conditions, the color of an object would appear to be different to us to certain extent.
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) is a measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance. Moisture sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals are put in packaging with controlled MVTR to achieve the required quality, safety, and shelf life.
Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) is the measurement of the amount of oxygen gas that passes through a substance over a given period. It relates to the permeation of oxygen through packaging to sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals


Gravure Printing
We are equipped with two state of the art high-speed gravure printing machine. Our latest addition in the Gravure Machine is ROTOMEC 4001 that is 8-colour high-speed state-of-the-art machinery from BOBST that allows creativity in design without any compromise on the printing quality. We are also equipped with 10-colour state-of-the-art machinery from SOTECH. The two gravure- printing machines provide us immense flexibility to cater our customer’s requirements and eliminate limitation on the printing end with high precision printing results.
Solvent-Less Lamination
Our state-of-the-Art lamination machine from Nordmeccanica ensures highest quality of solvent-less lamination. The “Super Simplex” technology eliminates even the minute chances of lamination errors in duplex and triplex structures.
APPLICATIONS: Tea, Confectionary, Cakes, Biscuits, Snacks, Ice Creams, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Instant Drinks, Powdered Milk.
Solvent-Based Lamination
At Toyo Packaging we also provide solvent-based lamination for high barrier specialized film structures. We have recently added State-of-the-art Super Combi 4000 machine from Nordmeccanica Italy. This machine runs at maximum speed of 450 m/min and has excellent optic as well as bonding strength results. This Solvent-based Lamination is suitable for specific laminates structures that require packaging for aggressive nature of the product and is widely used to overcome limitations of the Solvent-less Lamination process.
Bag Making
We are equipped with a bag-making machine that produces custom design bags are per requirement of the consumer. This facility can add handles, zippers and punch holes to the finished bags as per customer demand. We make several types of bags including Three-side seal bags, Stand-up pouches, Centre seal pouches, Side seal Bags, Gusset Bags and Side welding bags.
Slitting Machines
We have signed a state-of-the-art primary slitting machine provided by Comexi. This high-speed, double turret slitting machine runs at the speed of 550m/min with precision cutting of the finished product. This machine is equipped with latest innovation in the slitting technology and is fully automated leaving no chances of human error. Apart from the primary slitting machine, we are equipped with auxiliary slitting machines that extend our flexibility to perform multiple slitting jobs at the same time ensuring timely deliveries and shortened lead-times.
Holographic Film
Toyo Packaging understands the importance of innovation and we support our customers to be innovative by protecting them from counterfeiting by providing our specialized Anti-counterfeiting holographic film. The combination of metallization and holographic film produces a unique packaging material that ensures attractive designs with high barrier properties as well as a solution for anti-counterfeiting.


Toyo Packaging is committed to improving and providing the best quality products to its valuable customers at competitive rates. We are committed to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction by providing a product that is reliable and fulfills every requirement, and we have successfully achieved certification for ISO 9001: 2015 standard which is the very latest version of Quality Management System, alongside FSSC 22000 certification and ERA membership to ensure quality-driven results. It is due to continual improvement and policy commitment that Toyo Packaging has also achieved one of the highest food safety benchmark certifications of BRC loP (2118016). It has successfully driven marvelous achievements in upgrading Management Systems, enabling all production processes integrated with quality and food safety systems. We, at Toyo Packaging, enabled successful career pathway for our employees and participates in quality-oriented work- shops locally and internationally.